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Publication Date: June 21st, 2022
Union Square Kids


A funny, fresh twist on new-sibling relationships and the magic of love.
Willow's world is perfectly magical, until Rowan is born. When her new baby brother seems to enchant everyone he meets, Willow becomes convinced he is an actual, real-life wizard. Can Willow put a stop to his hocus pocus, or is Rowan's magic too powerful to resist?

Author Jess Townes brings fresh and expressive writing that's sure to appeal to young children, while illustrator Jenn Harney's unique and colorful art style brings this wonderful, whimsical story to life.

About the Author

JESS TOWNES is a children's author living in Missouri with her wildly creative family, a sixty-pound lap dog, and two curious black cats. In her former work as a doula and lactation counselor, Jess was privileged to bear regular witness to the magic a new baby brings. You can find her online at JENN HARNEY is the illustrator of Spellbound. She also illustrated the picture book How to Become a Knight by Todd Tarpley (Sterling). Jenn lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with her family, a dog named Steve and the ghost of the oldest living goldfish in North America. You can find her online at, Twitter, and Instagram.