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Consignment Program at Main Street Books

Main Street Books has a consignment program designed to allow local self-published or non-traditionally published authors space on our shelves in our brick-and-mortar shop. While we enjoy our role in celebrating local authors, our shop space is limited, and as such, Main Street Books requires authors to apply for consignment.

Please note that consignment program communication is via email, and it is greatly appreciated that you direct all questions—via email—to our consignment program coordinator, Chelsie Schuette, at Chelsie is also available to answer questions in person or by phone on Mondays from 10 am – 2 pm. Please refrain from calling the store with consignment questions at any other time as our on-duty booksellers do not field consignment program questions. Likewise, we cannot take walk-in consignment inquiries at any other time unless you have scheduled an appointment with Chelsie.

If you are a self-published author interested in hosting a signing at our store, your book must already be accepted for consignment sale. If your book has been accepted, you can email requests for events to Emily Schroen- If your book has not yet been accepted for consignment, please refer to the following guidelines.

Guidelines for consignment consideration:

While we have some specific guidelines for consideration, Main Street Books reserves the right to accept or deny the application for consignment of books into our shop based on a subjective but straight forward understanding of our customer base and what we sell.  This is the same policy we use for choosing titles from our major publishing houses as well. We encourage all consignment authors to visit our store to get a sense of the type of books we do and do not carry. 

-You must be local to our area, meaning a greater St. Louis resident of Missouri or Illinois. We will consider Missouri residents from other parts of the state if you are committed to partnering with us.

-Books must have a spine displaying the title and author's name (no spiral-bound books).

-An ISBN must be assigned to the book and printed on the back cover.

-The book must have appealing cover art with no pixelation.

-The book must be priced comparably to other titles of its size and genre.   

-The book may not contain any racist, sexist, homophobic, or overtly dogmatic content.  



1. Books that do not meet the guidelines above will not be considered.

2. All consignment authors must drop off or mail a (paperback, if available) review copy of their book(s) to:

Main Street Books

Attn: Consignment Coordinator

307 S. Main Street

St. Charles, MO 63301


3. The consignment coordinator will review all submissions and will contact you if your book is accepted. If you do not hear from us in six weeks, consider it a non-acceptance. If your book is not accepted for consignment sale, it is your responsibility to pick it up at our store or pay to have your book(s) shipped back to you. All consignment books, including the review copy, are submitted at the author’s own risk and Main Street Books is not responsible for any charges, loss or damages incurred in the shipping process. If you fail to make arrangements for your book(s)’ return within four weeks, they will be donated to a charitable organization.


4. If your book is accepted for consignment sale, we will contact you by email to confirm our consignment terms. Authors must agree to the following terms: 

For any additional questions, contact